Everything is possible.


Everything is possible.

“Good artists copy; great artists steal.”

Pablo Picasso

Who am I and What do I do?

I am a freelancer who is developing small and agile website projects. I spend last year learning current technologies, to be able to develop websites that are responsive and intuitive. Although I know a lot of theory, worked on and passed CIW Advanced HTML5 and CSS3 Certificate, I consider myself a learning developer, who is settling in the industry and looking to fill in his schedule with a set of returning clients.

If you’re in need for or already have a website that needs updates, changes and / or a makeover, you may have just found a very affordable solution to your situation. Click here and find out if I can help you?

hint: my rate will be updated after each project or two, to balance the demand/supply equation.

What shall you expect?


I will seek to understand your needs first and deliver solutions you need instead of what’s the easiest or most profitable option.

That means I will spend as much time as I can (not billable) to understand what is it that you are after. Next, I will share my work plan and update you on a daily basis so that you’re always on track of what is happening with our project.


Personalised after sales support if something is not working as we intended (or stopped working).

That means fixing all the bugs that pop out, if any, up to 30 days after the project was delivered. Need a refresher on how to create that Blog post on your Wordpress site? I will call you for an included free one hour after sales talk to explain the steps. Any other subject is fine too (but please, no politics).


Communication and honesty you probably have never experienced yet.

That means I will say the truth even if it’s not an easy thing to do. That also means I will say no to your project if I knows it’s outside my current expertise (and that still true even if my landlord hasn’t been paid yet).


An efficient web worker who will run an extra mile for you.

That means I will learn a skill to accomplish a task for you, or if it’s needed, pay for a solution to make things work for both of us.

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What others said

  • “Arkadiusz was a pleasure to work with on our latest web project. He instantly had an appreciation for what we wanted to achieve from the site and worked with us to make sure it was perfect. We are over the moon with the finished product…”

    • Barry Cranford – Managing Director at Recworks
  • “Arkadiusz was amazing to work with. Our community liked his work so much that our hosting bandwidth needed to be readjusted to traffic demand twice the following day!”

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